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Download My Step-by-Step Home Buying Guide


Steps in a real estate transaction

Step One

The first step in finding a home is getting pre approved with a lender. My recommendation is to check rates with multiple lenders. Not all banks will offer the same rate and it is important to find what lender can offer you the best loan option. If you need recommendations for loan officers that have good reputations I am happy to share. 

Step Two

Now that we know how much you can spend we are able to discuss what is going to suite your needs best that is within your budget! We will set up the search and you will start receiving emails. I will hand select options that I think are a good choice and you can also add anything you want to see. Once we have a list going we can start seeing the homes in person. This is a fun step! 

Step Three

We pick a house you like and we write an offer! I will write up all the paperwork and walk you through options on nuances of the offer. This is where we request your closing costs to be covered by the seller, if needed. The offer is sent to you via docusign, which makes the whole process very easy. 

Step Four

Once we are under contract there are a handful of things that need to be done! I will be there to walk you through each step of the process. Here is a short checklist so you can see what the general process looks like.

  • Escrow is opened with title company

  • Executed contract is sent to the Lender

  • Turn in earnest money to the title company

  • Schedule the inspection

  • Request repairs

  • Order the appraisal 

  • Negotiate price if appraisal comes in lower than contracted price

  • Turn in any documents the lender requests

  • Final walkthrough

  • Fund loan 

  • Record with the county 

  • Receive keys & move in!

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