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  • Liza Fox

Using Instagram to get leads for your Real Estate business

I started using Instagram in January of 2024 to generate leads for my real estate business. I saw agents using it and having massive success. I knew I could do it, but didn’t know how to get there. I decided to sign up for Ashley Walkers Insta Agent Course and learned SO much. There are some key takeaways that I implemented which I will share with you.

Number One: there is a reason everyone is saying to niche down and that is one of the biggest things I implemented. I had a hard time trusting that this would work. I think I suffered from the same mentality everyone does which is, if I get too specific I will end up losing business. This could not be further from the truth. When you talk to everyone you end up talking to no one. I have heard this plastered all over Instagram and I didn’t believe it until I started to try it and boy oh boy did it make a difference! One of the big reasons why this is important is because of the Instagram algorithm. Instagram needs to know who to send your content to. If you are not telling the algorithm in your key words on every post & reel then you are shooting yourself in the foot.

Number Two: Show people houses! I cannot believe how many real estate pages do not showcase properties in the area. People need to see homes on your profile. We are real estate agents so at the end of the day we are selling houses, so that is the majority of what your content should entail. It is vital that these home tours are done well. The tours should not be too long, choppy, jerky or we will get dizzy and even worse bored . Your followers want to see small clips of a home put together in a way that leaves them wanting to see more. A hook on screen that tells them exactly what they are looking at which is the price of the home and location, along with a catchy song and pretty clips of the interior is all you need to do.

Number Three: Provide a call to action. The whole reason we are posting is to get a lead. So, how can we turn a watcher or follower into a lead? We need to capture their information. When you post a home tour have a way to get their information. You will ask the viewer to comment a word and then they will be sent a link to the property. Use a CRM that requires the viewer to input their information in to see the pictures and voilà you have a lead. There are many different ways to get someone’s information. One way is through a home tour and another idea is providing a free guide to your area. The truth is the ideas here are only limited by your imagination!

Implementing these three tips will show you great results. The idea is to stay consistent and trust the process. You will not have success overnight, but over time you will see growth if you are dedicated to making it work.

I have created a freebie to get you started on creating reels that will help you generate leads. If you are interested in downloading the list click the link below and I will send it to you!


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